Obsession? I think so….

For ages now,  those mesmerizing paint flow videos have been popping up on my facebook feed. For a while, I was content to just watch them on occasion – then I would start to look for them. They are everywhere in YouTube videos, facebook groups, webpages, Instagram, and pinterest. I had most of the supplies but just wasn’t quite ready to jump in. It’s messy…..very, very messy.  And the possibilities! Resin, acrylic, alcohol ink, mica – on tiles, canvas and wood panels. It was really only a matter of time.

My first pour was a learning experience. I used acrylic paint, liquitex pouring medium, water and a bit of silicone. The paint was a bit too thick, and the canvas came out highly textured. I’ll scrape those down or paint over them and use them for another project.

The second pour was a success – wasn’t too crazy about the colours but it was vibrant, the right consistency, and I got cells from the silicone addition. I’m completely in love with the bottom right of the canvas.

For the third pour, I ran out and stocked up on some new supplies. I have a ton of white to play with, a good size jug of Gesso, and a full gallon of pouring medium. This time, I purchased Demco brand as it was $50 less than the Liquitex. Trying to keep cost down as much as possible – especially during this initial experimental phase.

You can watch a video of my third pour over on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/jentough/videos/10154607876091517/

…and the final result. I think I used a bit too much white, but the effect was closer to the look I was going for.   More experiments to come!