Grizley is the newest addition to the household. He’s such a wonderful, sweet older dog that was desperately in need of rescuing.

I have a part-time job at our local pet food store – It’s about a three-minute walk from my house, and I get to spend a good part of my shifts becoming friends with the neighbourhood dogs who come in for treats. We even have one dog who paws at the door early in the morning before we open! It was there I met Grizley for the first time. A local rescue group brought in a few dogs to spend a few hours in the shop, and Grizley was a little nervous, but obviously well-behaved and friendly with both people and other dogs.  I was smitten, and hoped to convince the rest of my family the time was right for a new dog in our lives. Rescuing a dog is not without its challenges, and a senior dog especially so (Grizley is over 10). He’s a little lot stubborn, and suffers from severe separation anxiety. Add to that, he was apparently never crate trained while young, and his only experience being in a crate was at the shelter. We have a lot of trouble leaving the house without him getting anxious and destroying anything he can find. We’ve been working him for a few months now, and slowly but surely he’s getting better. We’re also attempting to crate train him now for his own safety.

Here’s his back story, while terribly sad, it was clear he was well loved by his original family.

Grizley came to us back in March. This 10-year-old boy had gone through a terrible few months. He had been in a home where a violent home invasion had occurred and his owner killed. He was taken to a local shelter where he sat for many months. He completely shut down. He lost half his body weight, would hyperventilate and vomit due to the stress he was feeling, he refused to eat. He had to be heavily medicated to get through the long days in the shelter.

When One Last Chance Rescue in Quebec contacted us to help Grizley, our volunteers jumped into action. One of our valued foster homes took him in and started nursing him back to health. His wonderful personality and demeanour made everyone fall in love with him.

Well, today he has been adopted. He now has a forever home again where he will be pampered and showered with love. Never again will he feel the stress he has in the past. He has a fantastic mom and dad and 2 sisters and 3 cats to fawn over him. He has already had lots of walks and trips to the beach during his extended visit. He has also picked out his favourite spot on the couch. What a lucky boy. People that adopt seniors hold a special place in our hearts.

We have to thank foster mom Wanda and her family for welcoming Grizley into their home when he needed it most and for taking such wonderful care of him. We also have to thank our volunteer Vicki and her dog Jesse for helping Grizley overcome his fear of cars. Our volunteers are the best.

Have a wonderful life, Grizley. You deserve it. xox