The Maker

Jennifer Tough – Maker of artsy bits for you to use in your own creative endeavors.

Well, not just stuff…. beads, jewelry, crafts. I paint, pound on metal, sculpt with clay, coax molten glass into wondrous little objects. Objects to be worn, collected, admired and fondled.

I’m inspired by nature, the wee folk, and the magic that my girls bring into our everyday lives.

I live with my husband Dan, our two silly, wonderful, awesome, brilliant girls. We also have a trio of cats, and a new furry addition – Grizley. A senior Lab/Beagle mix in need of a new home.

Many years ago I founded a little bead shop. That little shop grew, and grew, and grew some more. BeadFX was my home away from home for ten years before I passed the torch on. You can now find me squeezing in as much creative time as possible – where and when I can.

Thank you for stopping by, and certainly feel free to send me a message with any questions!